The Bronze bootcamp is the foundation for all our other bootcamps, recommended particularly if you are new to the Alchemy style & techniques. This is not a beginners bootcamp. On the Bronze weekend we cover the fundamentals of salsa, focusing on developing good leading/following skills, rotations, balance, control over movement and rhythm. 


Having good foundations is crucial to your future dance development. This is a great opportunity to progress your dancing to the next level. Have continuity and progression throughout the whole weekend by studying with the same teachers, in a structured format. Feel safe, comfortable and unintimidated.

The second element to this bootcamp is learning to dance On2. This bootcamp is suitable for experienced On1 dancers wishing to make the transition to On2 and/or gain more experience of dancing On2. A weekend bootcamp is a highly effective way of learning and/or consolidating dancing On2. Marchant & Davina are specialists in this subject, over many years they have helped countless numbers of dancers make the transition from On1 to On2 successfully. This weekend gives you total immersion in On2 day and night! Marchant & Davina approach On2 from many different angles to help everyone catch that groove in the music, work through the Alchemy Core syllabus, learn how to convert your moves, trouble shoot, and give you plenty of practice time. 

We will cover a combination of technique and rhythm based subjects to help you develop your dancing and connection with the music. There is no On1 dancing at all over the weekend, so it is a great opportunity for complete immersion in On2 both for class and social dancing.


To get the most out of this weekend, you should have been regularly dancing cross-body salsa On1 for a minimum of 18 months (as a rough guideline). You know the basics - timing, footwork, and partner work. You should know the lead/follow of a right turn, left turn, inside turn & outside turn. You would like to gain more confidence in your dancing, to feel and look competent and confident on the dancefloor. Most importantly you wish to expand your understanding of salsa dancing and music. 


"This was an outstanding event which enabled me to recover lost confidence. By the end of the bootcamp I was able to dance beyond my expectations. The balance of numbers enabling constant partnering was a vital contributor to the success of the event. My fellow dancers were a social, supportive and friendly group, a pleasure to be with."

"I was amazed at how quickly we were all dancing On2. Easy to understand explanations. Conversion made sense. Fantastic teachers, great music, great fun, great bunch of people."

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you are able to attend the first workshop which will be held on the Friday evening (at 9pm). During this workshop we will breakdown the On2 rhythm which will be fundamental to your learning over the weekend.


If you're not sure if this bootcamp will be suitable for you, please contact us.


To be confirmed


20 Men & 20 Women


£225 per person (based on 2 people sharing double/twin room)


We only have twin rooms left which are to be occupied by 2 people (same gender).


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From previous ALCHEMY FOUNDATIONS & Transition to On2 Bootcamp Weekends...


"Bootcamp rocks! Salsa passion exudes from Marchant and Davina like a force! And the Salsa Force is strong with both! The weekend was great. Packed with learning technique, timing & rhythm drills, Cha Cha steps and Salsa On2. Meet new friends, learn new salsa moves and so much personal touch and goes to takeaway! ;) The way the weekend is structured is custom to the group and the quality of skill share is just overwhelming your brain is overloaded by Sunday and yet you still desire more! Baie Lekker MAD SALSA!" W Selzer 2017

"Thank you Davina and Marchant - you curated a brilliant weekend! From start to finish you made it fun, interesting, as well as challenging. I've come away with even more knowledge and some great things to work on. Your patience is never ending - thank you for all the laughs and superb teaching! Roll on next year....." K Scott 2017

"Thank you Marchant and Davina for a totally brilliant weekend! It was so inspiring to be taught by you both, especially to get so much good guidance on following. An excellent learning environment and a very effective training program - I have gained some 'game changing' insights into improving my technique and timing. Looking forward to attending another boot camp next year :-) Thanks again - you really are outstanding dance teachers. See you next time." C Taverner 2016

'An excellent weekend - finally a structured salsa weekend to learn & progress. This is what has been missing in salsa weekenders. I have appreciated your professionalism & also the little touches & effort to get to know people.'


'What an amazing weekend. By far the best salsa lessons I've ever had. I'm dancing completely differently already.'


'Because of the balanced numbers I always could find a partner at the free sessions. This is so often a problem. Also because of the small group, I felt everyone was very friendly & supportive.'


'Had a fantastic time with everyone. Really like the individual attention given. I will be working on the prescription given in Salsa Surgery!'


'A friendly atmosphere, a lot of fun and a great way to learn. You've clearly put a lot of thought and planning into the weekend and it shows. Many thanks.'


'Had a totally brilliant weekend. You two are so dedicated to the dance and your explanations and demonstrations are fantastic. Would do this every weekend if I could!'


'It's a great concept which extends any dancer's ability and skill level. You are allowed time and space to work on any issue to improve your dancing. Well done. You are setting the standard again!!'


'As always Marchant & Davina, your attention to details & meticulous execution of everything was FABULOUS. Well done, I had a great time.'


'The commitment that Marchant & Davina have for the students is inspiring.'


'I really enjoyed the integrated nature of the whole teaching experience - including seating discussions and Salsa Surgery'