The Gold bootcamp is our highest level bootcamp for experienced dancers. You love On2 & Cha Cha and want to spend a whole weekend with like minded dancers! You pick up turn patterns and shines with ease and you are looking to develop the finer details of your dancing. There is technical training on this bootcamp however the bias is more towards aspects of dancing such as...

Body movement




Quality of movement


Cha Cha


...all in a fun and non-judgemental learning environment. 

We sometimes bring in guest teachers to cover specialist subjects which we feel would be of benefit. Details to follow.


For this bootcamp you will need to have been dancing On2 regularly for minimum 3 years and are experienced, confident and proficient in both partnering and shines (On2 is your preference timing). Generally this bootcamp is most suitable for people who have attended the Bronze & Silver bootcamps and are familiar with Alchemy techniques.


If for some reason you wish to attend the Gold bootcamp without attending the Bronze and Silver Bootcamps (and we are unfamiliar with your dancing), please submit video footage of you social dancing and a short description of your On2 experience for our consideration.




20 Men & 20 Women


£225 per person (based on 2 people sharing double/twin room)


Majority of rooms are double or twin which are to be occupied by 2 people.

For individuals attending the bootcamp - We have 6 single rooms at the standard rate, once sold out the single occupancy supplement is £20 for the weekend. If you prefer to share or the single occupancy rooms are sold out, we will allocate you to a shared twin room with another person of the same gender. Or you can organise your own room share, just let us know who you have arranged to share with. All room options are first come first served.

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From previous INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED ON2 & CHA CHA Bootcamp Weekends...


"From the root to the shoot - beginner to advanced there is a bootcamp for you. Excellent weekends well worth the time and money."


"Informative and fun. Very good teachers! If you want to learn properly its a must!"


"Just the right amount of people, brilliant teaching - loved it!"


"The depth of understanding of dance and the infectious passion of their art that Marchant & Davina share with their students is unsurpassed anywhere in the country."


"As always, Marchant & Davina gave me a whole new perspective and understanding of things. Their classes always inspire me and give me something new."


Thanks so much for a fantastic weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I now have some new things to work on!"


"Thank you very much for the instruction and all the effort you put in this weekend. You've given me solid principles I can work on for myself, which I hope will show you a marked improvement when I return next year."


"Thank you for the most fantastic weekend ever! I have been told so many times about 'musicality' and although I understood what I SHOULD be doing I never really understood how to apply it to my dancing. The techniques you taught over the weekend I really feel I will be able to take away and use on the dancefloor - something which is often missing from other classes."


"Thank you for making me learn more in two days than I have in the past six months and even more. It was great fun and I will definitely be back. I loved every minute!"


"'Wow. If only everyone could learn to dance this way the world would be a happier place. Thank you so much - 48 hours of my life well-spent'