3-5 FEBRUARY 2017

On the Intermediate On1 Bootcamp we build on the techniques taught on the Alchemy Foundations bootcamp to progress your dancing to the next level. We focus on refining leading/following skills to make you effortless and responsive on the dancefloor, rotations and development of style, rhythm and creativity.


For the intermediate bootcamp you will have been regularly dancing cross-body style salsa On1 for a minimum of 2 years (as a rough guideline).


Your timing should be good. You should be able to execute all turn patterns coordinating the armwork whilst maintaining the basic rhythm with the feet constantly (with the music!). If you have any problems with timing, this is not the bootcamp for you. We can address timing issues on the Alchemy Foundations bootcamp, but expect everyone to have good timing on the intermediate bootcamp. You are used to group class situations and can pick up partnerwork & footwork sequences with relative ease. You are comfortable with social dancing.


If you are unfamiliar with our rotation and leading/following techniques, we would recommend you attend the Alchemy Foundations Bootcamp where we teach these methods.


"Marchant & Davina stand out from the crowd in their very personalised teaching style. They effortlessly convey complex concepts in a memorable way without any 'classroom' barrier." More testimonials below.


If you're not sure if this bootcamp will be suitable for you, please contact us.


3-5 February 2017


20 Men & 20 Women


£225 per person (based on 2 people sharing double/twin room)


Majority of rooms are double or twin which are to be occupied by 2 people.



For individuals attending the bootcamp - We have 6 single rooms at the standard rate, once sold out the single occupancy supplement is £20 for the weekend. If you prefer to share or the single occupancy rooms are sold out, we will allocate you to a shared twin room with another person of the same gender. Or you can organise your own room share, just let us know who you have arranged to share with. All room options are first come first served.

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A 'couple' must be a man & woman booking together, you do not need to share a room.



From previous INTERMEDIATE ON1 Bootcamp Weekends...


"The way you imparted the 'teachings' was with real empathy - this is difficult to find in many teachers. It really made a difference. Great weekend, great people."


"Loved the weekend. Can't wait to do another. Good size of class and although nervous, loved the Salsa Surgery."


"Leaves you wanting more. Everyone is so friendly and its a real priviledge to have 2 fantastic people teaching you for a whole weekend. Thank you so much."


"I had a fantastic weekend - thanks! Your teaching is first-rate, and I feel I'm really going to benefit from it."


"Great fun, really useful tips and tools. Well put together to consolidate in day two. Nice mix of stuff."


"Thought it was an excellent weekend. Learning with everyone of a similar level took the pressure off and of course your teaching is as brilliant as ever. Thanks!"


"An excellent weekend, teaching & presentation explicitly executed. The whole way about you both is truly proffessional."


"Lovely relaxed sessions and social dancing. Salsa Surgery very useful for highlighting things to work on. Realistic and aesthetically pleasing ladies styling ideas were very welcome! Thank you."


"Great continuity of teaching points into later moves - excellent explanation & rationale for techniques. And Marchant, you are the king of analogies!"