A unique aspect to these weekends is that the main content of the workshops will be designed around you. Marchant & Davina always work by the philosophy that teaching is a two-way interaction and want to know about you, before they finalise a schedule. Think of it as a group private lesson weekend!


Once you have booked, you will receive a questionnaire which gives you the opportunity to tell us what problems you have with your dancing. The workshops will be tailor-made to address the main issues and areas of dancing salsa that have been highlighted by those attending, and will be level specific. This could include, leading/following, rotations, balance & control, posture, shines/footwork, body movement, styling, creativity, musicality... the list goes on! Any individual or unique concerns can also be addressed during Q&A sessions and Salsa Surgery.


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The outline schedule to the weekend is as follows...




2pm onwards           Check-in/registration


6.30-8.30pm            Dinner


9pm                         Evening session starts...

                                Welcome drinks & introductions/orientation
                                Group class
                                Social dancing until 1am




7.45-9.30am            Breakfast


10.30am                  Warm up, dance posture & stretch


11am-1pm               Morning Workshops


1-2.30pm                 Lunch


2.30-5pm                 Afternoon Workshops


5pm                         Afternoon tea/coffee & discussion/Q&A


5.30-8.30pm            Relaxation, swim, leisure time


7pm                         Dinner


9pm                         Evening session starts...

                                Social/practice dancing until 1am




7.45-9.30am            Breakfast


10.30am                  Warm up, dance posture & stretch


11am-1pm               Morning Workshops


1-2pm                      Lunch


2-4pm                      Afternoon Workshops


4-4.30pm                 Afternoon tea/coffee & discussion/Q&A

                                Weekend Close


Schedule subject to change and will vary for each Bootcamp
Short breaks will be provided during workshops
Check-in is from 2pm on Friday
Check-out is 10.30 on day of departure. Storage is available for luggage.