This is a bootcamp for dancers who are developing their On2 & Cha Cha and want to spend a whole weekend with like minded dancers! This is a relaxed safe environment for you to learn & practice without judgement!

On the Silver Bootcamp we build on the techniques taught on the Bronze bootcamp to progress your dancing to the next level. We focus on refining leading/following skills to make you effortless and responsive on the dancefloor, rotations and development of style, rhythm and creativity.


For the Silver bootcamp you will have been regularly dancing On2 for a minimum of 2 years (as a rough guideline). You are used to group class situations and can pick up partnerwork & footwork sequences with relative ease. You are comfortable with social dancing.

Most importantly you should be confident with On2 timing, i.e you should be able to execute all turn patterns coordinating the armwork whilst maintaining the basic rhythm with the feet constantly (with the music!).

You should also...

- Understand the conga tumbao rhythm and how it relates to dancing On2.

- Hear the rhythms you are dancing to in the music (as opposed to just counting).

- Stay On2 with the music, ALL of the time.


If you have any problems with timing, this is not the bootcamp for you. We can address timing issues on the Alchemy Foundations & Transition to On2 bootcamp, but expect everyone to have good timing on the Intermediate bootcamp.


If you are unfamiliar with our rotation and leading/following techniques, we would recommend you attend the Alchemy Foundations Bootcamp where we teach these methods.


"Marchant & Davina stand out from the crowd in their very personalised teaching style. They effortlessly convey complex concepts in a memorable way without any 'classroom' barrier." More testimonials below.


PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a bootcamp for people wishing to learn/convert to On2 for the first time or those with limited experience. We do not break down timing On2 on this bootcamp. We run Transition to On2 bootcamps for people wanting to learn to dance On2 or gain experience of dancing On2.


If you're not sure if this bootcamp will be suitable for you, please contact us.


To be confirmed


20 Men & 20 Women


£225 per person (based on 2 people sharing double/twin room)

For individuals attending the bootcamp - We have 6 single rooms at the standard rate, once sold out the single occupancy supplement is £20 for the weekend. If you prefer to share or the single occupancy rooms are sold out, we will allocate you to a shared twin room with another person of the same gender. Or you can organise your own room share, just let us know who you have arranged to share with. All room options are first come first served.



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A 'couple' must be a man & woman booking together, you do not need to share a room.



From previous INTERMEDIATE ON2 & CHA CHA Bootcamp Weekends...


There's something very special about teachers who can -genuinely- break down both technique and body movement in minute detail, and in such a way as to make the UN-obvious and imperceptible so completely, inescapably, obvious.
It is truly an art form in teaching, which Davina and Marchant have meticulously developed, and wholly perfected.

This is the second MAD Bootcamp I have attended over the years, and I probably have enough material from them both to keep me busy for months and months on end. Somehow these weekends manage to balance muscle busting drills, mind melting combinations with copious laughter, good grace and camaraderie. Ego's are left at the door, and everyone made to feel like part of a big salsa family.

If you want to immerse yourself in dance and see positive change then make an investment and start thinking about booking yourself onto one of their three annual bootcamps. M Johnson 2018

Where to start? I have been to several of these now and they seem to get better every time. You cannot come away from a weekend like this without having improved your dancing. Marchant and Davina have a justifiable reputation for outstanding teaching but at bootcamps this is concentrated and tailored for the people there. I could do congresses all year but still not get as much as I do from a single one of these weekends. I have to say also for ladies it is a privilege to have Davina impart her wisdom. Many workshops I go to however good address most content to the lead. Davina can hone in on how ladies can make their following a better experience for them and their lead and can give tangible advice on styling which you can actually take onto a social dance floor. Lots of place offer a great fun workshop but moves that are too flamboyant or athletic for the average packed dancefloor so this is invaluable. Added to this is the camaraderie and the fun to be had on these weekends, largely down to Marchants bonkers sense of humour. And of course it is all On2. If you love Cha Cha as I do you also get a good healthy fix of that. At the end of it all I don't just feel my dancing has improved, I feel like I have been away for a whole holiday so consuming is the Alchemy bubble. If I could I would do this every weekend. S Ward 2018

The whole experience was warm, welcoming & entirely positive. Lovely people, brilliant teachers, fabulous weekend.


Fantastic weekend with great teaching made really fun. I feel much more confident on2 now, including shines!


Many thanks for another fantastic weekend where key elements and techniques are broken down into their key components and explained well. Plenty of time for practicing, asking questions and giving us the building blocks to help us develop. These bootcamps are a must for any dancer!


Clear & sympathetic teaching. Focus on musicality and partner interaction rather than 'moves'


Its so valuable to have male and female teachers that are as strong as each other and get such strong input for the ladies. I love how you two are so interactive and helpful during classes and salsa surgery (great idea!) I love learning techniques, and you are so good at teaching it.