It is important for all the participants and Marchant & Davina that everyone is working at a similar level. Each bootcamp is designed and taught at a pace and level specific to the ability. You will not benefit from attempting a bootcamp beyond your ability, but will get maximum progression and development from selecting the right one for you.

If you are new to dancing salsa On2, have limited experience, or are not yet confident dancing On2 you should attend the BRONZE & Transition to On2 Bootcamp. It is expected on the Silver and Gold bootcamps that everyone's timing is good-excellent.


We have a thorough and comprehensive syllabus which systematically covers our techniques with progression through each level of bootcamp. If you are new to our style, you may miss important elements of our techniques if you attend a higher level bootcamp. Please bear this in mind when selecting a bootcamp. We generally recommend starting at the Bronze & Transition to On2 bootcamp where you will learn the Alchemy Core Syllabus and techniques.


Also consider that the bootcamp is for a whole weekend in a small group, and you will stand out if attending a bootcamp above your level of ability. We do not use 'levels' to describe the bootcamps as we feel this can be misleading and confusing given that dance 'levels' are highly subjective. We have designed a system for the bootcamps in-line with our Alchemy syllabus, methods and techniques, and we recommend working through the system. Please read the description of each bootcamp on the MAD Salsa website before selecting the appropriate bootcamp for you, and do contact us with any questions.


The style of salsa taught on all bootcamps is cross-body On2. These bootcamps are not suitable for anyone who has only learnt a different style of salsa (eg cuban, columbian).


It is difficult to describe in words dance ability/level, but we have put a rough guideline of the level of dancers suitable for each bootcamp. Please read the information on each bootcamp page and consider carefully which would be best for you. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact us with some information about your dance experience so we can best advise you.